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Originally, this company was created in the Cayman Islands for real estate investments solely in Canada. Though, there were soon opportunities in other parts of the world and our field of activities widened.
Today, Atrop International Finance Ltd. is involved in real estate planning, investing, construction and operations on five continents. Although, economic conditions in many parts of the world have become quite unfavorable, we have maintained a substantial growth rate and our returns on capital employed have been significant.

The company aims to invest in high quality projects, using environmentally friendly methods of construction and allowing the owners to operate the buildings on mini energy standards.

Much of our success can be attributed to our outstanding staff. Their international vision, education and dedication to work is truly exceptional.

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While there continues to be significant demand for commercial property in many parts of Europe, growth in Asia, South America and some parts of Africa have outstripped European opportunities.

The vast area of Russia is another country, where the demand for high quality commercial real estate property is far higher than current supplies. In addition to high quality commercial office accommodation, we also invest in top class condominiums and apartments. Many of them are for long term rents in areas, where it is generally difficult to get accommodation.

Singapore and Australia are other preferred areas for our investments. Currently, we focus on the larger cities in Australia, though we have investigated projects in smaller cities and more rural area.

As we grow in Australia, we will be looking at new opportunities.

Our property development is a multifaceted business encompassing activities that range from purchasing and renovation and updating of existing buildings to completely new construction.

We are the co-ordinators of all real estate development activities converting the ideas on paper into real property and therefore creating values for our investor and the user of our properties.

We purchase tracts of land, develop the property and then market it to our clients. We finance the projects and later manage and lease the properties.

George Town, Cayman Islands, September 30, 2014

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